Kaitlynn Wheeler

Kaitlynn Wheeler is a graduate of University of Kentucky and a member of the women’s swim team alongside Riley Gaines. She is an NCAA-qualifier, a multiple time All-American, and an SEC Champion. Kaitlynn was named University of Kentucky’s Miss Wildcat in 2023.

Kaitlynn was violated when William “Lia” Thomas was allowed to undress with her and her teammates at the 2022 NCAA championships. Then Kaitlynn’s younger sister, Abbigail, was also exposed to a man in the women’s locker room at her local YMCA. When Abbigail bravely spoke out, she was not only kicked off the YMCA swim team, but completely banned from the location.

Because of what she and her sister endured, Kaitlynn is now a fierce advocate for upholding our freedoms and rights to privacy, safety, and equal opportunity.     

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