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I’m Riley Gaines. You may have seen me in the news. I’m the championship swimmer from the University of Kentucky who was forced to compete against a man – William “Lia” Thomas – at the NCAA women’s championship. 

Most people sat idly by and allowed this injustice to happen. That’s when I realized that, if unprovoked, nobody was going to stand up for me or my teammates. So I had to speak out.

Because the truth matters. And the truth is there are only two sexes. Men are men. Women are women. There’s no doubt we were created equal – but we’re not the same.

That’s why I launched the Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute

My team of Ambassadors and I are building a movement of students, athletes, and concerned citizens who are fed up with the attack on our freedoms and rights – and who dare to defy the dangerous gender ideology that’s spreading rampant and unchecked throughout society.


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Through the Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute, Riley will create powerful leaders to combat radical leftist ideology in their schools, their communities, and nationwide. Get updates from Riley and information on upcoming events here.

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Riley is building an army of patriotic women, men, students, athletes, parents -- and patriots who stand up for the truth -- to combat radical transgender ideology before it takes over America. Request Riley's help or learn how you can defend against leftist indoctrination.

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