Meet The Riley Gaines Center Ambassadors

I’m not in this battle alone. All over the country, women are seeing their hard-earned achievements erased and their most private spaces invaded. Now, many of them are standing bravely to make their voices heard.

By joining my team at the Riley Gaines Center, you’ll stand beside my team of Ambassadors — fearless leaders who speak out for women, common sense, and basic truth.

Rita Cummings

Rita Cummings is a class of 2024 senior at Gorham High School in Maine where she runs varsity cross country and track. In track she runs the 800-meter, 1 mile, and 2 mile. She has experienced many positive lessons from competing in high school sports. 

As a senior she was told she would be forced to compete against a male runner.  Without the support of the coaches or administrators from her school, Rita decided to take a stand and not compete against him. The male ended up placing third in the state and is still competing in girls events.

Since then, Rita has been interested in advocating to keep women’s sports female. Rita has shown courage in standing up for fellow girls while grownups have stayed silent. She plans on competing in college next year.

Olivia Krolczyk

Olivia Krolczyk is a chemistry major at the University of Cincinnati. She was given a failing grade in one of her college courses for using the term “biological woman” while writing about protecting women’s sports from the infiltration of men. Because of this unjust treatment, she’s now a passionate advocate for preserving free speech and fairness in women’s sports.

Olivia competed for nine years at both the high school and collegiate levels, becoming a multi-event state athlete in cross country and track, and an Illinois Top Times Championship Qualifier. Her involvement in sports is what inspired her to speak out for the integrity of women’s sports, and in favor of equal opportunity for female athletes.

Since joining this fight, Olivia has shed light on the dangerous indoctrination and the suppression of speech that infiltrates universities. She speaks about her experience on multi-media news outlets across the country. Olivia knows it is her duty to ensure that every voice is heard — especially now, when America’s fundamental right to express dissenting perspectives is at stake.

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Paula Scanlan

Paula Scanlan

Paula Scanlan is a 2022 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where she was a member of the women’s swimming and diving team alongside William “Lia” Thomas.

Inspired by her fellow female athletes, Paula broke her silence in the summer of 2023. She spoke out about her experience as a teammate of transgender swimmer “Lia” Thomas, and the attempts of her college’s administration to silence her dissenting opinion. She can attest to the daily mistreatment and emotional blackmail she faced by her university administrators.

Paula now spends her time and efforts encouraging females, especially female athletes, to share their stories and join her in the fight to protect women. Paula is a spokeswoman and advisor for Independent Women’s Forum. She has made her case in congressional hearings, media interviews, and on college campuses.

Selina Soule

Selina Soule

Selina Soule is a former elite high school track and field athlete from Connecticut. She is a 10-time All Conference, five-time All State, three-time All New England, and 4-time National Qualifier track athlete and one of the first advocates for keeping women’s sports for women.

Throughout all four years of high school, she was forced to compete against two male athletes. She lost countless placements and qualifying opportunities. Most notably, she did not qualify for the 2019 regional New England meet by two spots. Two spots were taken by men.

Selina filed a federal lawsuit in 2020 with the help of Alliance Defending Freedom. All she asks is for fairness to be restored, but the lawsuit is still pending. Selina has also submitted verbal and written testimonies to support legislative acts to save women’s sports with her efforts being successful in many states.

Kaitlynn Wheeler

Kaitlynn Wheeler

Kaitlynn Wheeler is a graduate of University of Kentucky and a member of the women’s swim team alongside Riley Gaines. She is an NCAA-qualifier, a multiple time All-American, and an SEC Champion. Kaitlynn was named University of Kentucky’s Miss Wildcat in 2023.

Kaitlynn was violated when William “Lia” Thomas was allowed to undress with her and her teammates at the 2022 NCAA championships. Then Kaitlynn’s younger sister, Abbigail, was also exposed to a man in the women’s locker room at her local YMCA. When Abbigail bravely spoke out, she was not only kicked off the YMCA swim team, but completely banned from the location.

Because of what she and her sister endured, Kaitlynn is now a fierce advocate for upholding our freedoms and rights to privacy, safety, and equal opportunity.     

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