This date, 10/10, is symbolized by the Roman numerals “XX” – signifying what it means to be a woman, something innate in our very DNA: the science that defines a real woman.

Please help the Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute recognize this day to honor the achievements of real women and recognize the intrinsic value that only they can provide to families as mothers, wives, daughters, and sisters.

You’ll honor women with your signature today. Their privacy is being eroded. Women and girls’ most vulnerable spaces – shelters, locker rooms, and restrooms – are no longer safe.

Women’s hard-earned achievements are being stolen by men.

Their very identity is under attack.

Real Women’s Day should be recognized, not only to celebrate womanhood, but to serve as a crucial reminder to keep women’s spaces available only to real women.

Real Women’s Day celebrates the unique and special role that women play in society.

By signing this petition, you’ll stand bravely with Riley Gaines in recognizing October 10th as Real Women’s Day.


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