Olivia Krolczyk

Olivia Krolczyk is Riley Gaines Center Ambassador and Campus Reform Reporter, both projects of the Leadership Institute.

While pursuing a major in chemistry at the University of Cincinnati, she was given a failing grade on a project proposal in one of her courses for using the term “biological woman.” Olivia’s post about her experience on TikTok reached more than 6 million views before it was deleted from the platform for “community guideline violations.” Later Olivia was permanently banned from TikTok for speaking the truth: men and women are different. 

Because of this unjust treatment and the threat this bullying poses to women and girls, Olivia is now a passionate advocate for free speech; and protecting women’s identity, opportunities and safety. 

In her role as a Riley Gaines Center ambassador, Olivia speaks to students about the importance of speaking truth to power. Olivia has been outspoken on campuses as well as on social media. IG: oliviakrolczyk

Olivia competed as a runner for nine years at both the high school and collegiate levels, becoming a multi-event state athlete in cross country and track. Her involvement in sports is what inspired her to speak out for the integrity of women’s sports, and in favor of equal opportunity for female athletes.

Since joining this fight, Olivia has shed light on the dangerous indoctrination and the suppression of speech that infiltrates universities. She speaks about her experience on multi-media news outlets and on college campuses across the country. Olivia knows it is her duty to ensure that every voice is heard — especially now, when America’s fundamental right to express dissenting perspectives is at stake.

In her words:

“I am proud to be a beacon of empowerment for other women and students everywhere. My journey with the Riley Gaines Center has provided me with a platform to inspire others to use their voices. Through traveling and speaking engagements I have had the privilege to connect with students, share my experiences, and to encourage them to speak against the injustices related to DEI on their own college campuses. Just as I had Riley, I aim to be that trusted ally for students who are grappling with similar situations to what I faced.” — Olivia Krolczyk

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